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Leadership & Mentorship


Affecting change and improving the future is made possible through leaders who are well-trained and well-informed. Regardless of age or years of experience, leadership skills can always be developed and sharpened. Our resources include practical methods, book recommendations, and real-life examples.

Why Physicians Need Leadership Training
A Harvard Business Review piece penned by physicians advocates for leadership training to be formally integrated into medical and residency training curricula. The authors argue that leadership skills and management practices can positively influence both patient and healthcare organization outcomes and that systems should be developed to alleviate biases that disregard the leadership capabilities of women and minorities.
Tips on How to Grow as a Leader
This reflective piece written by female CEO Carrie Rich gives tangible advice on how to grow as a leader. Read about her 10 tips to incorporate into your own career and personal leadership journey.
How to Aim for Leadership Positions
Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions. In this TED Talk, Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women reach the top of their professions and offers three pieces of advice to women aiming for leadership positions.
The Importance of Mentorship
Coming from a diverse background, Dr. Rachel M. Bond recounts her beginning years as a cardiologist and what she wishes she could say to her younger self. Through this article, she hopes to inspire and encourage women to enter the field of cardiology and advises how to navigate issues such as the wage gap and disparities in cardiovascular care.